Not only are we a supplier of quality standard fasteners and specialty products, but we also offer a variety of value-added services to maximize efficiency. We also utilize a range of services to optimize your company’s processes with the end goal of increasing return on investments (ROI).

Inventory Management

pda and computerWe also provide a creative approach to Supply Management. We start with a facility survey that includes a discussion with your management team to develop a thorough understanding of your current operational format. From this information, we provide custom solutions to meet your supply objectives and goals. We want to begin improving your companies management system from the ground up, and because of this we carefully evaluate all aspects of the process to enhance your overall productivity.

When thinking about your established processes, keep in mind that from a technical support perspective, we have over 30 years’ experience in fastening methods and related product sourcing support. As part of our technical support activities, we provide a formal evaluation of how existing parts are used in your assembly process.

In this Inventory Management Evaluation, our experienced staff will compile important information, which will then be used to develop an action plan. The action plan will include recommendations for using alternative parts and components in areas of your assembly process that will enhance your productivity as well as reduce the total cost of product development.

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Additional Services

All of our customers get to benefit from our decades of experience in multiple industries along with the wide range of services that we offer. This flexibility allows us to offer services such as:

  • Technical Support
  • Technology Driven Supply Management Programs
  • Quick Delivery Response
  • Kitting
  • Poly-Bagging
  • Small Assembly
  • Parts Reworking

We are always adapting to meet new client needs as they arise so if you are in need of other services or a unique solution, please contact an associate for more information.

Below is a Powerpoint that further explains our Vending Program service: