Industries Served

We take pride in being a flexible and adaptive company when it comes to the industries we serve: truck and trailer body manufacturers, metal roofing, bathroom partitions, construction, mobility products, motion furniture, and case goods. We offer standard fasteners, C-class speciality hardware, and MRO products in addition to a variety of value added services such as technical support and custom supply management programs that enhance every aspect of the process.


 We are proud to provide our products and services to a variety of different industries including:

Transportation Industry

One of the many industries that we have developed knowledge within is the Transportation industry. We have created an accompanying PowerPoint Slide Presentation that goes further in depth into the variety of different resources that we offer within this division as well.

Motion Furniture & Case Goodsrsz_dreamstimelarge_18873410-1024x1024

Our Motion Furniture division provides components for various fixtures within the industry. We offer several different kinds of motion furniture assemblies including check out counters, standing fixtures, and personal furniture. If you’re interested in learning more, there is a detailed PDF that includes a range of components offered along with measurements and component specifications below

Mobility Products

Mobile fixtures are complicated, requiring several different parts and assembly components. We can assist you with finding many of these industry-specific products. We supply our customers with consistent quality products for all of their mobility products. Contact any of our associates for further information about the products we offer.


From bathroom partitions to metal roofing, we supply products to meet an array of construction needs. We supply several clients including commercial and residential organizations. Let our experienced sales team assist you with finding exactly what you need. Additional information and downloadable resources can be found on the Construction Industry page to further assist you.


Below are PDF files that describe some of the Industries that we serve :